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AAO (Opthalmology)

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  • I have used DGH pachymeters for five years and have found them to be reliable and accurate. The pachymeter in my clinic is used around the clock on patients that either have glaucoma or are glaucoma suspects, and we have not had a problem with the instrument. The DGH pachymeter is simple and easy to use, and the Pachette 2 with the standard deviation feature allows one to assess the quality of the data collected. We take multiple readings (25) within seconds, with the mean and Standard Deviation measurements appearing instantaneously. The pachymeter provides an important piece of clinical information, and I often wonder how I practiced before I incorporated pachymetry into our glaucoma examinations.    
    Murray Fingeret, OD, FAAO
  • I have had my new Pachmate DGH 55 for only a few weeks now. I already have found that this instrument has been of great help in many various diagnosis decisions. It has been helpful to confirm diagnosis kerataconus (thinner cornea); corneal edema, and of course the ocular hypertension versus glaucoma patient. It is so easy to use that I decided to use it on most a patients to help me to become proficient in using the instrument and to give a baseline measurement for future references. I have found that when I know the thickness of the cornea and the Goldman Tonometer reading, I can know for sure as to what is the true IOP. Along with optic nerve assessment and visual fields I have more confidence in my diagnosis. I enjoy the ease of operation of this instrument… It is also an easy and reliable instrument for a technician to use. The patients are truly impressed with this new technology that this old country doctor can provide.    
    Richard I. Lane, OD
  • We have had our version of the DGH here at the UAB School of Optometry for about 9 months. Our purchase was influenced strongly by the publication of the ORTS. I can tell you that among our glaucoma suspects and normal-tension patients, the results of central corneal thickness measurements have been decisive in many cases. The value of this instrument in clinical management of such patients is invaluable. We have found the instrument easy to operate and I have found that interns can learn to calibrate and use it quickly. Additionally, accuracy appears to be great. Given these two attributes, we are pleased to add this diagnostic implement to our patient care armamentarium. Thank you for including me among the leaders in eye care.    
    Leo Semes, ODAssociate Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • I think pachymetry now needs to be considered in a screening environment, and the Pachmate is an excellent tool to accomplish these aims.        
    Leon W. Herndon, Jr., MDAssociate Professor of Ophthalmology, Duke University Eye Center
  • In my 30+ years of practice, I’ve bought my fair share of equipment. In my mind, far more important than initial cost or financial ROI, is purchasing from someone who has knowledge of his/her product and how it can fit into a practice’s needs. They need to be accessible for initial training as well as support down the road. In the past few years, no one has shown that level of professionalism more than Russell Schlage and his wife, Terri. Additionally, any colleague I’ve referred to them has also been impressed with the way they conduct their business. I can’t speak any higher of a vendor/supplier than them.      
    Jerold M. Wassel, OD Administrator, Vision Source/MD, Jarrettsville Family EyeCare