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Pachmate 2



The Pachmate 2 is globally recognized as the leading handheld pachymeter. It’s designed for performance, portability and convenience. Turn on power, contact the probe tip to any location on the cornea, including the periphery, and the Pachmate 2, using DGH’s proven measurement algorithm, will obtain accurate, reproducible measurements in a fraction of a second. Exclusive, innovative features include a probe that is both detachable and retractable. Clinical applications for corneal thickness measurements include preoperative evaluation of laser correction procedures, CCT measurements for glaucoma screening, accurate monitoring of keratoconus treatment, and in the general assessment of corneal health related to pathologies.


Power On

Turn on power and the Pachmate 2 is ready to take measurements. Contact the probe tip to any locations on the cornea, and the Pachmate 2 will obtain and store up to 25 measurements in a fraction of a second. Audible feedback indicates when a valid measurement is complete. After bilateral measurements have been completed, the measurements can be reviewed on the 16 character by 2-line LCD display which provides easy visibility of the current measurement, the average, and the standard deviation of all measurements taken.

Pachmate 2 Proven Accuracy

Proven measurement algorithm yields accurate, reproducible measurements in a fraction of a second. The measurement capability of the Pachmate is an enhancement of the proven technology that has set the standard for measuring corneal thickness since 1982.

Pachmate 2 Operatonal Mode

When you receive your Pachmate 2, the unit is ready to take corneal measurements at initial power up. It is not necessary to set up or configure any parameters. However, the Pachmate 2 has been designed to allow the user to personalize the operational mode, number of measurements taken, adjustment of time delays etc. Once modified, these parameters are permanently stored in its memory.

Pachmate 2 Rotation Probe

The Pachmate 2 probe can be rotated to the user’s preferred position. When not in use, the probe can be rotated into the hand piece for protection.

Pachmate 2 Detachable Probe

The Pachmate 2 probe is also detachable and can be easily removed by the operator for cleaning or, if necessary, for replacement. Also, spare probes can be purchased so probes can be going through the disinfection process when not in use.

Pachmate 2 Proven Accuracy

The Pachmate 2 runs on two (2) alkaline AAA batteries. It’s supplied with four (4) alkaline batteries, and can also be used with NiMh rechargeable batteries.

Pachmate 2 Mapping Mode display

Mapping Mode for obtaining and storing up to 33 actual and biased corneal mapped measurements. These measurements can be obtained at any point on the cornea, including the periphery.

Pachmate 2 Handheld

Handheld, battery operated and lightweight, the Pachmate 2 will fit easily into any lab coat or pocket. The retractable probe provides protection of the probe tip when not in use. The Pachmate 2 has a lifetime of 10 years and an industry leading warranty.


  1. Input Patient Data: Using the DGH Connect Software (Windows® PC), enter patient ID information for up to 20 patients and wirelessly transmit to the Pachmate 2.
  2. Acquire: The Pachmate 2 stores all patient ID information in its memory for reference when measuring patients.
  3. Reports: After the measurements sequence is complete, wirelessly transmit all results and patient information directly to a Bluetooth® enabled printer.


  1. Reports: After measurements sequence is complete, wirelessly transmit all results and patient information back to the PC for report generation and printing.


*Feature only available in Bluetooth® option devices.

Pachmate 2 Software

DGH 55B Pachmate 2 Specifications

Measurement Range 200 to 1100 microns
Accuracy ± 5 µm
Internal Clock Accuracy ± 0.002%
Resolution 1 µm
Power Management Two (2) AAA Batteries

Unit Dimensions

Dimensions 7.1” (181 mm) L x 1.6” (41 mm) W x 0.9” (23 mm) D
Weight 3.6 Ounces (112 Grams)
Probe Dimensions 1.72” (42.68 mm) L x 0.35” (8.89 mm)
Connection Type Bluetooth v2.0

Software Features

Single Page Pachymetry Report or a Direct Thermal Printout via compatible Bluetooth® Printer (optional)

Software Application Requirements

Hardware Requirements Intel i3 or higher,  2GB RAM or higher,  1 GB Freespace

Bluetooth Radio v2.1 or higher,  1024 x 768 display resolution or higher

Operating System Requirements Windows XP (32 bit) or higher (32 or 64 bit)


Pachmate 2 Brochure Cover


Pachmate 2 Operators Manual

Devices shown in Photographs are with optional Bluetooth® feature.

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